Proposal Essay Topics

With the intention of generating the greatest possible participation and presence of specialists and interested public, it proposes a comprehensive global axis, where most of the topics of the area will fit. Thus, the subtitle “Local Scriptures in Global Contexts” accompanying this call, opens a wide range of topics such as p. Ex. The following:

Literate culture and popular culture
Morality and writing
Central and non-central literature
Literature in Spanish or Portuguese versus literature in the English language
Literature in Amerindian languages ​​versus literature in Spanish or Portuguese
Literary and linguistic border contacts
Cultural Theory and Literary Criticism
The means of communication between generalization and specialization of knowledge
The network – virtual space and concrete location
Literary and spatial cartographies
Theories of globalization and local theories
Nomadic subjects and strategically essentialist subjects
Diaspora Literature and Regional Literature
National Literatures and Regional Literatures
Colonial literature and postcolonial literature
Literature and fictional literature
Literature and history
Literature and Politics
Transatlantic Literatures
Literature, (trans) gender and (trans) sexuality

Essay on cyber crime

Hackers arose little by little, previously companies and governments began to use information technology as a means of development, this excited young researchers because even though it was hard work and serious, innovation turned it into a game. And so joining the lucid with the scientific in the second half of the twentieth century, these young people creating blocks of work, networked, began to outline the hacker culture.
The term hacker is an English expression whose literal translation into Spanish has several meanings, the most popular being attributed to “a person hired for routine work”, and because of the nature of it is tedious, handed, and even maniacal.

Applied to the computer science refers to people who dedicate their efforts beyond the normal to carry out research or development tasks, putting forward a passion that goes beyond their own limits. Hackers have a developed sense of curiosity: they test all the door locks to find out if they are locked. Scholars and pioneers of computer viruses Rob Rosenberg and Ross Greenberg categorically state. According to them, “a hacker is a person dedicated to their art, someone who follows the knowledge to where it is directed, someone who is attached to the technology to explore it, observe it, analyze it and modify its functioning, is someone who is able to do Something strange with any electronic device and makes it act differently, someone who has no limits to the imagination and looks for information to share later, is someone who does not care about money with what he does, he cares nothing about the beauties he can create with His brain, devouring everything that produces satisfaction and mental stimulation. A hacker is one who thinks differently and makes that thought a reality with different methods. He is the one who is interested in what is new and who wants to learn in depth what interests him.”
Contrasting this particular definition of hackers, highlighting their intelligence and ability to commit to the development of what we live today, comes a definition a little more pessimistic, According to Sarra’s definition “a hacker is the one who intentionally intercepts a computer system to damage , Appropriating, interfering, deflecting, diffusing, and / or destroying information that is stored on computers belonging to public or private entities. ”
It is considered that there are two types: 1) those that only try to draw attention to the vulnerability of computer systems, or satisfy their own vanity; 2) the true criminals, who manage to take over this system of large sums of money or cause considerable damages ”

Who is right? For truth as everything that happens in human actions, the judging of these facts depends on the intention with which these characters act in the execution of their knowledge.

At present, the Internet tries to be the most democratic means of social communication known, and it really saddens to know that what is in the hands of man any kind of corruption is almost predictable. And in the same way of how we have opened the mind to a new change in communication, thanks to everything provided by the Internet, we must also be open to solutions to problems, such as Hackers, that they contain.

Essay on education

All part of the knowledge and reality of each educational center. Some suffer less to bullying, but it is necessary that all act on this problem that grows in our schools, we cannot see it as something normal:
Direction: as a first instance must educate teachers about the phenomenon and unify criteria of sanction for stalkers. To raise awareness among students by preventing sanctions and orienting respect and experience of values.

Teachers: to prevent, act and punish acts of violence within the institution. Search for support of prefecture, address and parents. Being present at the recess with the students, visiting the bathroom regularly, going to the courts reduces the rate of harassment. It should promote respect and tolerance by setting an example.

Pupils: being aware of the sanctions and being in the presence of adults will be accustomed to live harmoniously. The time will come when the presence of teachers is not necessary.
Parents: show the same interest in avoiding violence. Check if your child could be a victim or harasser and move ahead of the school’s call to inquire about student behavior. Avoid rewarding negative attitudes, rewarding positive attitudes.

The main objective of any educational center is to take care of the integral development of the human being. In practice, exceptions abound. It is impossible to think that a student would prefer not to attend classes for fear of his classmates. It is impossible for a student to suffer mistreatment by his classmates and the teacher does not realize, and realizing does not act, or prevent, but encourages abuse.

At the end of the day bullying is a further school aberration, caused by the irresponsibility of students, teachers, management and parents. Faced with a situation of this category each one we are in check. It’s a shared fault.

Do you learn to be aggressive? What causes a small child to respond with blows to their peers? Do you learn it at home, in the classroom or is it innate? Is aggression something natural to the human being? What kind of aftermath does the abuse of others bring in the first years of schooling? Is it possible to eradicate abuse in schools? What does it depend on? There are some questions related to the subject that disturb a change in the way we conceive education. There are more doubts than answers, but this is precisely philosophizing education: being able to ask is a sign of progress.

How to Write a Literary Essay in Five Paragraph

As Julio Torri shows us, it is possible to develop the argumentative sequence that composes an essay in just a few paragraphs composed of simple and clear sentences. Following the model of Torri, it is possible to do an exercise to write your own essay in a few paragraphs, just follow the following scheme:

Paragraph 1 (Introduction)
Pick a topic. In the same way as Torri does, you can choose a simple and everyday theme, for example, dogs or some color to wear.
He formulates a thesis: If in his essay Torri wants to prove that the bicycle is an admirable vehicle, in the same way, the thesis of your essay can be raised around a simple statement like “Dogs are the best mascots” or “El negro Is the most elegant color to wear “. In this first paragraph, besides proposing the thesis of the essay, it is advisable to add a little context on the subject in order to offer a bit of details about it, for example in the case of pets, it can be explained that in society Modern, it is common for more and more people to live alone.

Paragraph 2 (Development)
Once you have defined the topic and formulated the thesis of your essay, the next step is to find the reasons that support your affirmation. If dogs are the best pets, you must prove it with arguments, for example, pinpointing their loyalty or noticing their usefulness as work animals, such as guard dogs or shepherds.

Paragraph 3 (development)
So Julio Torri highlights the advantages of the bicycle when compared to the car and the airplane, in your argument you can make a comparison between the advantages of having a dog as a pet and another type of animal, a fish or a turtle, for example. As it is a literary essay, what is important is the originality of the arguments, so that these can be supported not necessarily in deep reasons, but also in personal experiences or even your own feelings, also in what some poet wrote on the subject .

Paragraph 4 (Development)
Just as Torri expresses his preference for the bicycle by highlighting its uniqueness, that is, it is a sport that does not look like any other, in the same way, you can emphasize that the experience of having a dog does not compare to any other and do A description of it.

Paragraph 5 (Conclusion)
Once in paragraphs 2,3 and 4 you listed the virtues of dogs, in the final paragraph you must write a synthesis of all of them. You can do it in practical terms, as does Torri when saying that fixing a bicycle is very easy, or do it in sentimental terms, as when he says that you can love a bicycle as one loves a person. In the same way, you can write as a conclusion that having a dog offers the possibility of receiving the affection and love that they can provide.


8 tips to write your thesis

The final thesis is one of the most complicated tasks for students. Not only because it involves an extra effort, but for the time that we have to dedicate to achieve a job worth 10. To avoid dying in the attempt to write a successful thesis, I bring you these tips that can be of great help.

  1. I chose a theme. NOW! Maybe it may seem we are thinking about this in August, but it is highly recommended that you at least have an idea of ​​what you are going to develop in your thesis. Keep in mind that if you choose a topic that you are passionate about everything will be more tolerable since you will be able to spend more time without “suffering” on the road.
  2. Read everything that has to do with your thesis topic: The more informed you are, the better. This you can go ahead in your free time, for example. Another interesting practice is to look for chats on the Internet and listen to them while you are exercising or traveling. This way you are going to immerse yourself in the subject that you are going to expose.
  3. Take a day off to commit to making a work plan: It is best to divide it into weekly stages. Whether you have a semester or two, put together a plan detailing what you are going to do each week to finish your thesis on time and then determine what you will do each day to achieve this weekly goal.
  4. Build a calendar indicating times of research, rest and writing: The most important thing at this point is that you are realistic when it comes to your activities. It is highly recommended that you plan to finish at least 15 days in advance, so that you can review everything written and prevent any unforeseen events that may delay you.
  5. Take notes: Contain key words or phrases that you collect throughout your research. They should be very brief notes that allow you to consult information easily and quickly. Remember that when you are defending it will be necessary that you have very cool all these appointments in relation to your work and the confidence to respond with knowledge.
  6. Look for a quiet and peaceful place to develop your thesis: Anything that can distract you will only hurt you in arrears. This is the hardest part, as sometimes it will seem that there are other better and more important things to do, try to focus on turning off your cell phone and stay away from anything that can disperse you.
  7. Seek Help: If you know someone who can help you with your topic, much better! Looking for help in time will save you a lot of headaches.
    8. Do not punish yourself: For long hours in the library or unveiling yourself to finish everything in a shorter period; sometimes the best ideas come up after a break. Try to sleep 7 or 8 hours a day, eat well, exercise and clear, also a couple of hours to dedicate to your friends, your family and especially yourself. All this will help you to be more dedicated to your work.

The secret to not end up having a thesis work in which you have worked tirelessly and without stopping, is that you balance your personal and professional life.


Social networking is a way of interacting dynamically with a person or a group of friends; it is a system open to all the public and all ages.
According to information read, the first social networks began to be used around the year 2001, 2002 and towards 2003 they become popular with the appearance of Friend stern, Tribe and MySpace.

The social networks on the internet have gained a very important place in our present time, first, for the big business that they represent and secondly because through them also the encounters between people occur; Everything starts with the desire to find someone with their own concerns, and with whom to share their thoughts and needs.

In social networks anonymity is very common, which can be a two-edged sword for young people who enter, it is very easy to lie or say things that are not certain so that it is “the hook” that attracts that person of their interest.

In chats portals is very common to put a name, at least a surname and a photo, but there are also those who like anonymity for certain things or to live a personality different from the one that actually lives.

Anyway I think that an internet personality is not the true essence of a person, let’s say it’s like a makeup, it’s always going to be different than it really is.

Undoubtedly social networks are a tool widely used by all types of people, (especially in adolescents), are present everywhere and strongly attracts users.

How to write a thesis without dying in the attempt?

Thesis is one of the most complicated but also the most rewarding tasks you will do in your academic life. Whether you are a graduate or a graduate, writing a thesis is an experience that will give you a great advantage in your CV, as well as helping you to do any research work wherever you go.

So that you do not hallucinate your thesis project, you are afraid or you are too lazy to do it, we have prepared some tips that will make things easier for you.

Images (2) 1. Choose a theme. Already! It may seem fast but we are already in September, and although it is likely, and highly recommended, that by now you have an idea about what you are going to write. Remember that you must also make a thesis protocol that is approved by your advisor before completing the entire document.

Get ready now and extra advice: choose to write something that you love with all your strength, so you can tolerate working so much time in it.

025 2. Ask yourself many questions. Before you get to a successful research protocol and while you do it, you should ask yourself all sorts of things about your topic: Can I do it? How much time do I have to do it? How important is it to do it? Where can I start? Answering these questions will help you a lot

3. Take a day to commit to making a work plan. We recommend you divide it by weeks.

· Whether you have a semester or two, draw up a plan detailing what you will do each week to finish your thesis on time and then determine what you will do each day to achieve this weekly goal.

  • Think of a time between research, rest and writing, for example, you could dedicate a couple of hours of research plus one hour of writing daily to your thesis and rest a day. Measure your chances, but do not be so comfortable calculating the time.· Be realistic in planning your activities and reflect on whether the weekly goal you are putting in will be fulfilled in a timely manner.· It is advisable that you plan to finish a couple of weeks before, in order to prevent any delay that you have when doing your weekly tasks due to force manure.

    · If you do not have a topic, you can even plan a week to choose it, so you will not see your thesis even in the soup.

    Images (5) 4. A very important exercise: Read a lot; Read everything related to your thesis topic. Yes, all you can. Later write small essays on them.

    Once you have done so, you will realize that several of these could even constitute chapters of your thesis; In addition, this exercise will not make you feel so heavy to write it, because you will not be thinking that, in fact, you are writing chapters of your thesis.

    On the other hand, consider that when defending it before the jury will be necessary that you have very cool all these appointments in relation to your work, the support of other researchers in that field and the confidence to respond with knowledge,

    5. Take organized notes that contain key words about all the information you collect while researching for your thesis. These notes should be brief (a kind of bibliographic form even in Word) to allow you to return to the information you want to consult easily and quickly.

    6. Be disciplined. This is the most difficult part, because sometimes it will seem that there are other better and more important things to do, that you can recover the 20 minutes of delay (or more time) easily with just a little hurry, you deserve one more day of Rest, etc .; However, you must write even if you do not feel like doing it, so you will not see your thesis everywhere even after finishing it.

  1. Try to be in peace and find a quiet place for your thesis. Distractions only make you late; In addition, think that the sooner and the better you finish with your thesis task of the day, the sooner you can do something else and you will not have to waste time repeating and correcting something you have already done.Turn off your electronic devices (except the computer) and stay away from anything that may distract you during your assigned work period.Writing-group 8. Ask for help. Whether it’s your teachers, a family member, friend or someone close to you who knows that you can help with your topic; This will save you many delays due to blockages in your creative progress.

    Looking for help in time will save you a lot of time and worry, check with your adviser every time you have agreed or every time you feel that you are losing your way.

    9: The last and most important advice so that your thesis does not take away your dream, looks for time for you and yours; is good to yourself. Do not punish yourself with unthinkable hours in the library or unveiling yourself to do much more in a shorter time; sometimes the best ideas come up after a break.

    We do not mean that you have to always rest or neglect your work plan; Try to include: sleep 7-8 hours a day, eat well, exercise and clear, also a couple of hours to dedicate to your friends, your family and especially yourself. All this will contribute to your desire to continue with your work.

    The secret to not end up having a thesis work in which you have worked tirelessly and without stopping, is that you balance your personal and professional life.

    One more tip is to ask for GRADE dissertation help on

    The best thing about these tips is that they serve for any large-scale research work, planning not only has to be reduced to the thesis, it can be done for many other things.

    Did these tips help you? Do you have any to add for those who do not yet begin their thesis or are in the middle of it? We would love to read your comments.