Proposal Essay Topics

With the intention of generating the greatest possible participation and presence of specialists and interested public, it proposes a comprehensive global axis, where most of the topics of the area will fit. Thus, the subtitle “Local Scriptures in Global Contexts” accompanying this call, opens a wide range of topics such as p. Ex. The following:

Literate culture and popular culture
Morality and writing
Central and non-central literature
Literature in Spanish or Portuguese versus literature in the English language
Literature in Amerindian languages ​​versus literature in Spanish or Portuguese
Literary and linguistic border contacts
Cultural Theory and Literary Criticism
The means of communication between generalization and specialization of knowledge
The network – virtual space and concrete location
Literary and spatial cartographies
Theories of globalization and local theories
Nomadic subjects and strategically essentialist subjects
Diaspora Literature and Regional Literature
National Literatures and Regional Literatures
Colonial literature and postcolonial literature
Literature and fictional literature
Literature and history
Literature and Politics
Transatlantic Literatures
Literature, (trans) gender and (trans) sexuality

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