How to Write a Literary Essay in Five Paragraph

As Julio Torri shows us, it is possible to develop the argumentative sequence that composes an essay in just a few paragraphs composed of simple and clear sentences. Following the model of Torri, it is possible to do an exercise to write your own essay in a few paragraphs, just follow the following scheme:

Paragraph 1 (Introduction)
Pick a topic. In the same way as Torri does, you can choose a simple and everyday theme, for example, dogs or some color to wear.
He formulates a thesis: If in his essay Torri wants to prove that the bicycle is an admirable vehicle, in the same way, the thesis of your essay can be raised around a simple statement like “Dogs are the best mascots” or “El negro Is the most elegant color to wear “. In this first paragraph, besides proposing the thesis of the essay, it is advisable to add a little context on the subject in order to offer a bit of details about it, for example in the case of pets, it can be explained that in society Modern, it is common for more and more people to live alone.

Paragraph 2 (Development)
Once you have defined the topic and formulated the thesis of your essay, the next step is to find the reasons that support your affirmation. If dogs are the best pets, you must prove it with arguments, for example, pinpointing their loyalty or noticing their usefulness as work animals, such as guard dogs or shepherds.

Paragraph 3 (development)
So Julio Torri highlights the advantages of the bicycle when compared to the car and the airplane, in your argument you can make a comparison between the advantages of having a dog as a pet and another type of animal, a fish or a turtle, for example. As it is a literary essay, what is important is the originality of the arguments, so that these can be supported not necessarily in deep reasons, but also in personal experiences or even your own feelings, also in what some poet wrote on the subject .

Paragraph 4 (Development)
Just as Torri expresses his preference for the bicycle by highlighting its uniqueness, that is, it is a sport that does not look like any other, in the same way, you can emphasize that the experience of having a dog does not compare to any other and do A description of it.

Paragraph 5 (Conclusion)
Once in paragraphs 2,3 and 4 you listed the virtues of dogs, in the final paragraph you must write a synthesis of all of them. You can do it in practical terms, as does Torri when saying that fixing a bicycle is very easy, or do it in sentimental terms, as when he says that you can love a bicycle as one loves a person. In the same way, you can write as a conclusion that having a dog offers the possibility of receiving the affection and love that they can provide.


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