Social networking is a way of interacting dynamically with a person or a group of friends; it is a system open to all the public and all ages.
According to information read, the first social networks began to be used around the year 2001, 2002 and towards 2003 they become popular with the appearance of Friend stern, Tribe and MySpace.

The social networks on the internet have gained a very important place in our present time, first, for the big business that they represent and secondly because through them also the encounters between people occur; Everything starts with the desire to find someone with their own concerns, and with whom to share their thoughts and needs.

In social networks anonymity is very common, which can be a two-edged sword for young people who enter, it is very easy to lie or say things that are not certain so that it is “the hook” that attracts that person of their interest.

In chats portals is very common to put a name, at least a surname and a photo, but there are also those who like anonymity for certain things or to live a personality different from the one that actually lives.

Anyway I think that an internet personality is not the true essence of a person, let’s say it’s like a makeup, it’s always going to be different than it really is.

Undoubtedly social networks are a tool widely used by all types of people, (especially in adolescents), are present everywhere and strongly attracts users.

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