Essay on education

All part of the knowledge and reality of each educational center. Some suffer less to bullying, but it is necessary that all act on this problem that grows in our schools, we cannot see it as something normal:
Direction: as a first instance must educate teachers about the phenomenon and unify criteria of sanction for stalkers. To raise awareness among students by preventing sanctions and orienting respect and experience of values.

Teachers: to prevent, act and punish acts of violence within the institution. Search for support of prefecture, address and parents. Being present at the recess with the students, visiting the bathroom regularly, going to the courts reduces the rate of harassment. It should promote respect and tolerance by setting an example.

Pupils: being aware of the sanctions and being in the presence of adults will be accustomed to live harmoniously. The time will come when the presence of teachers is not necessary.
Parents: show the same interest in avoiding violence. Check if your child could be a victim or harasser and move ahead of the school’s call to inquire about student behavior. Avoid rewarding negative attitudes, rewarding positive attitudes.

The main objective of any educational center is to take care of the integral development of the human being. In practice, exceptions abound. It is impossible to think that a student would prefer not to attend classes for fear of his classmates. It is impossible for a student to suffer mistreatment by his classmates and the teacher does not realize, and realizing does not act, or prevent, but encourages abuse.

At the end of the day bullying is a further school aberration, caused by the irresponsibility of students, teachers, management and parents. Faced with a situation of this category each one we are in check. It’s a shared fault.

Do you learn to be aggressive? What causes a small child to respond with blows to their peers? Do you learn it at home, in the classroom or is it innate? Is aggression something natural to the human being? What kind of aftermath does the abuse of others bring in the first years of schooling? Is it possible to eradicate abuse in schools? What does it depend on? There are some questions related to the subject that disturb a change in the way we conceive education. There are more doubts than answers, but this is precisely philosophizing education: being able to ask is a sign of progress.

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