Essay on cyber crime

Hackers arose little by little, previously companies and governments began to use information technology as a means of development, this excited young researchers because even though it was hard work and serious, innovation turned it into a game. And so joining the lucid with the scientific in the second half of the twentieth century, these young people creating blocks of work, networked, began to outline the hacker culture.
The term hacker is an English expression whose literal translation into Spanish has several meanings, the most popular being attributed to “a person hired for routine work”, and because of the nature of it is tedious, handed, and even maniacal.

Applied to the computer science refers to people who dedicate their efforts beyond the normal to carry out research or development tasks, putting forward a passion that goes beyond their own limits. Hackers have a developed sense of curiosity: they test all the door locks to find out if they are locked. Scholars and pioneers of computer viruses Rob Rosenberg and Ross Greenberg categorically state. According to them, “a hacker is a person dedicated to their art, someone who follows the knowledge to where it is directed, someone who is attached to the technology to explore it, observe it, analyze it and modify its functioning, is someone who is able to do Something strange with any electronic device and makes it act differently, someone who has no limits to the imagination and looks for information to share later, is someone who does not care about money with what he does, he cares nothing about the beauties he can create with His brain, devouring everything that produces satisfaction and mental stimulation. A hacker is one who thinks differently and makes that thought a reality with different methods. He is the one who is interested in what is new and who wants to learn in depth what interests him.”
Contrasting this particular definition of hackers, highlighting their intelligence and ability to commit to the development of what we live today, comes a definition a little more pessimistic, According to Sarra’s definition “a hacker is the one who intentionally intercepts a computer system to damage , Appropriating, interfering, deflecting, diffusing, and / or destroying information that is stored on computers belonging to public or private entities. ”
It is considered that there are two types: 1) those that only try to draw attention to the vulnerability of computer systems, or satisfy their own vanity; 2) the true criminals, who manage to take over this system of large sums of money or cause considerable damages ”

Who is right? For truth as everything that happens in human actions, the judging of these facts depends on the intention with which these characters act in the execution of their knowledge.

At present, the Internet tries to be the most democratic means of social communication known, and it really saddens to know that what is in the hands of man any kind of corruption is almost predictable. And in the same way of how we have opened the mind to a new change in communication, thanks to everything provided by the Internet, we must also be open to solutions to problems, such as Hackers, that they contain.

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